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The changing demands on agencies & enterprises are the primary focus of Zen Strategics that is organized around following major topics. Through industry-shaping IT, Zen Strategics helps clients understand and develop strategies with respect to truly important technology trends—those that have the potential to transform an entire industry. Industry changes can be quite dramatic.

Zen Strategics specializes in meeting these challenges specifically in the areas of Cybersecurity, Cloud & Big Data. We have helped drive the success of major Government and IT transformation programs. We collaborate with each client to implement the strongest security possible in all aspects of an enterprise, from cybersecurity programs to basic policies and procedures. We act as trusted advisors, providing guidance on how to best manage and secure enterprise infrastructure.

  • Continuous Monitoring & Network Security
  • Enterprise Security Compliance
  • Risk & Vulnerability Management
  • Risk Metrics & Dashboards (as a service)
  • Risk Mitigation & Remediation (SIEM)
  • Security Assessment
  • Cyber Advisory Services
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Security (SOC)
  • Data Center Advisory Services
  • Security Policy & Governance

Our Focus Areas

  • Cyber Security - Strategy & Operations
  • FedRAMP & Cloud IV&V
  • Mobility & Data Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Cyber Product Acquisition
  • Market & Competitive Analysis
  • Systems Engineering (SDLC)
  • Wireless & Telecom (Public Safety/Interoperability, LTE)
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Mergers & Acquisitions(Advisory, Due Diligence & Support)

Zen Strategics also works with clients to develop technology-enabled innovation environments and systematic processes to successfully identify, incubate, and commercialize IT-driven innovations. We help develop enterprise architectures, which provide blueprints for future business processes, applications, data warehouses, development environments, and technology infrastructures-all based on business strategy and requirements. In addition, our approach helps improve business agility, reduces IT and process complexity, and helps organizations better govern their IT investments. Our team bridges the following services together to create a customized solution for an IT (cyber, cloud, wireless etc.) program implementation:

  • IT Planning
  • Enterprise PMO (e-PMO) Support
  • Requirements and Performance Analysis & Planning
  • Feasibility Studies & Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Business Process Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Cyber Advisory Services

We offer organizations the opportunity to align their cyber offerings with the dynamic changes in policy, priority and the cyber threat landscape. We provide up-to-the-minute policy and market expertise to guide clients in areas such as competitive intelligence and innovation, leading to successful investment and outcomes. We also help government and investment firms stay informed on the latest trends and technologies and 'best fit' solutions provided by industry.

Our robust core competencies includes:

  • Cyber security strategy development
  • Insider threat assessments & program development
  • Analytics & enterprise application development
  • Cyber security capability implementation & operations
  • Cyber security risk assessments
  • Cyber security risk mitigation & auditing

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to protect your enterprise and stay abreast evolving solutions to cyber security challenges:

  • Strategy & advisory services
  • Compliance support
  • Security assessments
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Network & security operations
  • Insider threat mitigation
  • SOC Services
  • Information Assurance

We plan and execute an integrated approach to increase mission performance without compromising security. Zen Strategics employs the best and brightest experts in the security industry with extensive knowledge in risk and vulnerability management, cyber security policy, assessment and authorization, and Fed RAMP advisory services.

Strategic & Performance Consulting & Business Development Services

We offer companies an opportunity to better position their skills and solutions for success in the cyber security market, improve product and service offerings, combine efforts with the best teaming partners, and tackle the complex security challenges government faces. Zen Strategics also helps organizations that are part of the nation's critical infrastructure and key assets, navigate the contacts, working groups, policies and standards that are part and parcel of the Federal cyber security landscape.

Zen Strategics offers commercial Lean Six Sigma (LSS) consultation as a proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. Lean is about speed and efficiency. Six Sigma is about understanding your customer, gathering data, and analyzing the data to address the root cause of an issue. Combined, they are a best practice methodology for continuous improvement. We work closely with customers to understand their processes and implement ways to streamline and standardize workflows and undertake improvement activities in systematic way. Our experienced team will work with you to customize an approach that drives significant results to the bottom line and fits with the culture of your agency. We offer a full suite of Lean Six Sigma services, for the large-scale department deployment or for the smaller agency components looking to get started.

Our Business Development Services include offering companies visibility into the best strategic cyber security opportunities that align with their corporate capabilities - improving quality of offerings and probability of program success. Zen Strategics unique understanding of the federal cyber security landscape gained through over 7 years of engagements with DHS, OMB & the Whitehouse gives companies a distinct competitive advantage and tangible results.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Zen Strategics uses proven National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-compliant methodologies for risk and vulnerability management. Our approach starts capturing the flow of existing risk management policies, procedures, and security baselines. Then, we add modular components as needed to support management and decision-making.

Security Assessments, Policy & Governance

Our approach to Cyber Security policy/governance and standards development follows a proven methodology based upon our experience in performing this work across the federal government. At the heart of our multi-step process is the Program and Systems Security Requirement Traceability Matrix (SRTMx). Our work includes performing Assessment and Authorization (A&A) for large complex systems across the federal government, and working with existing systems for ongoing authorization. This process starts with performing an initial gap analysis and evaluating security controls using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) procedures, leveraging our experience with automated testing tools. We perform Continuous Monitoring (CM) for our clients on both strategic and tactical levels.

Cloud & Infrastructure Data Center Advisory Services

Zen Strategics has an established subject matter expertise developed with multiple years of exclusive dedication to the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy and related Agency initiatives. During this time, we have worked both industry and Federal executives on the most prominent cloud programs to date-, both pre- and post- acquisition. We bring excellent perspectives on the challenges and opportunities associated with cloud adoption and knowledge about the CSP market landscape, Federal cloud acquisitions to date, and compliance strategies. We work with Agency executives to sort through the hype and hyperbole so that they can accomplish their unique objectives. We can assist federal clients, Cloud Service Providers, and other third party providers with preparing for audits and security assessments or implementing remediation plans after 3PAO assessments.

As more agencies are consolidating existing physical and logical designs into larger datacenters to reduce cost and leverage existing commodities, our company has developed an experienced team of professionals capable of delivering Enterprise IT services matching an organizations strategic mission and business goals. Our technical expertise presents cutting edge technology and industry standard certified engineers in the areas of Network, Computing, Storage, Security and Facility engineering which are perfectly coupled with ITIL centric service delivery strategies, designs and management approach for hosted, off premise & on premise solutions.

Continuous Monitoring & Network Security

Attacks against networks and systems are continuous – why should monitoring be anything less? Leaving cybersecurity compliance reviews to an annual or semi-annual paper based snapshot in time process is no longer a best practice – automation via real time reporting is the way forward. Continuous monitoring transitions enterprises from a “prevention” mindset to a “mitigation” mindset, helping enterprises to monitor and prioritize their system risk by looking for anomalous activity and terminating access before breaches become malicious.

Zen Strategics has a proven record of success helping organizations implement continuous monitoring programs. We provide access to best of breed solutions with a unique ability to design, implement and integrate these solutions into operational environments, enabling transparency, control and high-performance security programs. It suffices to say that the above experience is gathered over 7 years of working with DHS to create the very mandate and policy that the 24 CFO act agencies need to comply with – effectively we are the insiders and best advisors to your Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation plans.

Our Focus Areas

  • Cyber Security - Strategy & Operations
  • Cloud – Fed RAMP & IV&V
  • Mobility & Big Data
  • Program Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Market & Competitive Analysis
  • Systems Engineering
  • Business Operations
  • Wireless & Telecom
    (Public Safety/Interoperability)
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Mergers & Acquisitions(Advisory, Due Diligence & Support)