Cloud & Infrastructure

In today’s technological landscape, more agencies are consolidating existing physical and logical designs into larger data centers to reduce cost and leverage existing commodities.

Cloud Computing Strategies

Zen Strategics has an established subject matter expertise developed with multiple years of exclusive dedication to the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy and related Agency initiatives. During this time, we have worked with both Commercial and federal executives on the most prominent cloud programs to date, both before and after acquisition. Our experts bring a wealth of experience with challenges and opportunities associated with cloud adoption and knowledge about the CSP market landscape, federal cloud acquisitions to date, and compliance strategies. Working with Agency executives to accomplish their unique objectives, we can assist federal clients, Cloud Service Providers, and other third party providers with preparing for audits and security assessments, or implementing remediation plans after 3PAO assessments.

Data Infrastructure

Zen Strategics has developed an experienced team of professionals capable of delivering Enterprise IT services matching an organization’s strategic mission and business goals. Our technical expertise presents leading technology and industry standard certified engineers in the areas of network, computing, storage, security, and facility engineering. These practices coupled with ITIL centric service delivery strategies, designs, and management approach for hosted, off premise, and on premise solutions, place Zen Strategic as a leader in the Cloud Services industry.