Management Consulting

Zen Strategics offers companies an opportunity to better position their skills and solutions for success in the cyber security market by improving their product and service offerings, and tackling the complex security challenges the government faces.

Personalized Solutions

Working alongside organizations that are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure and key assets, we assist with navigating the contacts, working groups, policies, and standards that are key in the federal cyber security landscape. Zen Strategics offers commercial Lean Six Sigma (LSS) consultation as a proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. LSS improves speed and efficiency, understanding your customer, gathering data, and analyzing the data to address the root cause of an issue. These best practices allow us to work closely with customers to understand their processes, implement ways to streamline workflows, and undertake improvement activities in a standardized way. Our subject matter experts will work with you to customize an approach that drives significant results that fits with the culture of your agency, offering a full suite of LSS services, for large-scale department deployment, or for smaller agency components looking to get started.

Development Services

Our Business Development Services include offering companies visibility into the best strategic cyber security opportunities that align with their corporate capabilities, improving the quality of offerings and probability of program success. Zen Strategics’ understanding of the federal cyber security landscape has been gained through over 7 years of engagements with DHS, OMB, and The Whitehouse, giving us the ability to offer companies a distinct competitive advantage and tangible results.